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Personal Training, Nutrition & Strength Coaching and Pilates appointments

Prime Sports Physio Clinic offers Personal Training, Nutrition & Strength Coaching, individual and small group physio-led Pilates appointments in our clinic, in your home or your work-space.

Did you know we now offer 1:1 coaching in our private gym with Personal Trainer, Carole Myles?
Carole will help you work towards achieving your goals whether they may be simple everyday health goals or specific performance goals.   As well as being our in house trainer, Carole also teaches Pilates here at Prime.   You will work with her if you decide to try out our Men’s Functional Strength or mixed Functional Strength sessions.    Carole also runs our Backcare Fit class and Core & Floor on Fridays.    So she is around often and getting to know our regulars through classes and 1:1 PT.

Strength training has huge benefits for all and for many people it is a natural progression from physiotherapy for managing injury or preventing re-injury. 1:1 appointments for personal training, learning to weight-lift, strength or nutrition training can be booked with our expert Personal Trainer, Carole. You can have a chat with Carole if you are interested in finding out more about Personal Training, classes or simply if you’d like to discuss an injury or goal she may be able to support you with.  Please feel free to get in touch via email below

Pilates is a popular form of exercise for all ages which offers health benefits such as improved posture, core control, flexibility, stamina and balance. Our expert Pilates instructor and physiotherapists tailor Pilates-based exercise programmes which are appropriate for the individual. Ongoing feedback, adjustments to technique and progressions are given to maximise exercise gains.

Pilates is suitable for all, and those who may feel most benefit from individual appointments or small group sessions are:

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

My Yoga class was amazing. The instructor was just lovely, and adapted the class to make it suitable for everyone.

N September 2021

Such understanding staff. Really know their stuff and their pilates classes are really good fun.
Shockwave therapy almost cured my plantar fasciitis with only one treatment.

M July 2020

From the friendly welcome, to the comprehensive exercise plans, the end to end service was faultless, exceeding our expectations in every way.

S, August 2019

Lisa is very knowledgeable and thorough and has helped my recovery from injury hugely.

C, July 2019

Couldn't recommend Lisa and her team highly enough!

E, July 2019

I love the Pilates classes...... I already feel stronger!

M, July 2019


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