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Our Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist, Wendy White is delighted to have contributed to the development of a new website which offers support for Long Covid sufferers.

Long Covid Support Scotland offers advice and helpful free resources. Included in this support are useful, bite-sized videos, resources and practical help as well as advice for their families. It has been created by a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines including respiratory nursing, respiratory physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, psychology as well as a singing and vocal coach.

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 1.86 million people in the UK have Long Covid which would equate to over 150,000 people in Scotland.

The Scottish Government took the decision to channel money into Long Covid research, which is producing some interesting and helpful results. However, this approach left a gap in the day-to-day support for those living with the multi-faceted symptoms of Long Covid.

While people can be referred on a pathway to individual specialist health areas, there is, to date, no provision for supporting and managing the condition in a holistic manner, in Scotland.

Wendy says: “Since the covid pandemic in 2020, I have treated an increasing number of people suffering from this condition. Long Covid sufferers can have a range of symptoms but the most frequently reported are fatigue, breathlessness, changes in the voice and also brain fog, these symptoms are often seen together”.

Closer investigation often reveals unhelpful breathing patterns which can be corrected by breathing retraining with the advice of an expert respiratory physiotherapist, such as Wendy. Developing good breathing exercise and relaxation habits can help to manage these symptoms and aid recovery.

Wendy also said she hopes that the website will offer excellent general advice to manage the effects of Long Covid, however an individual assessment to plan treatment for specific breathing difficulties, is advisable.

To view the Long Covid website:

Wendy has also been busy recently with travelling. One of the challenges of Wendy’s recent Icelandic sea kayaking trip was getting her head in and out of the tight neck seal of her dry suit. A claustrophobic experience for many, but people with Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome may find everyday experiences like putting a jumper over their head, or putting their head underwater difficult – it really feels as if they might suffocate. You can take advice from your GP or a respiratory physiotherapist, like Wendy if you suffer with this.

It’s worth seeking medical advice if you experience breathlessness which seems to be out of proportion to the activities you undertake. If no medical cause can be found, a diagnosis of hyperventilation or breathing pattern disorder may be considered. Respiratory Physiotherapy can help.

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