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Long Covid & Respiratory Physiotherapy

by Wendy White, Advanced Practitioner Respiratory Physiotherapist, Prime Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

Long Covid is defined as “symptoms persisting for more than 4 weeks after the first suspected coronavirus episode that are not explained by something else”. In March 2021, the Office of National Statistics estimated that over 1 million people were suffering from symptoms of “long covid” .

Covid-19 appears to have affected people in different ways. Symptoms and the length of time needed to recover vary from person to person. 

Common complaints include:

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We do not yet fully understand the underlying cause of these symptoms, but respiratory physiotherapists are skilled at helping people to manage these symptoms and assist in recovery.

We can:

Everyone’s experience of coronavirus is different. Recovery may be slow. It is important to listen to your body, prioritise sleep, healthy eating and physical activity to help your body to recover.

Do contact us at Prime Sports Physiotherapy to discuss your concerns and find out how we can help you to feel better.

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