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Yoga Classes - Yoga Vinyasa Flow & Relaxing Restorative Yoga

Tuesday 6.30pm Yoga Vinyasa Flow
Tuesday 7.45pm Relaxing Restorative Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise for mobility, flexibility, breathing, strength and balance. We have two different styles of Yoga classes taught by a wonderfully experienced teacher. The classes are suitable for beginners and for those who are more experienced in yoga practice.

Yoga Vinyasa Flow Class uses standing and seated postures, and sun salutations all put together to form flowing movement sequences. In this classical vinyasa flow class breath leads movement to warm, stretch, strengthen and balance the body.

The Relaxing Restorative Yoga Class is a nourishing class using gentle soothing and releasing yoga practise which energises, rejuvenates and adds balance to feel healthy in body and mind.

Classes are small, and socially distanced with up to 10 participants. The yoga teacher makes adjustments and progressions for each participant to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained.  We ask that you bring your mat and bolster/cushion and a blanket, and it may be helpful to bring some water. Most participants wear loose clothes for their class.

Classes can be booked individually or in class bundles by clicking on the Book Classes link.

Please use the Contact Us link on the website or call us 0131 449 6128 if you have a history of medical problems or injuries that you wish to discuss, or have any questions.

My Yoga class was amazing. The instructor was just lovely, and adapted the class to make it suitable for everyone.

N September 2021

Such understanding staff. Really know their stuff and their pilates classes are really good fun.
Shockwave therapy almost cured my plantar fasciitis with only one treatment.

M July 2020

From the friendly welcome, to the comprehensive exercise plans, the end to end service was faultless, exceeding our expectations in every way.

S, August 2019

Lisa is very knowledgeable and thorough and has helped my recovery from injury hugely.

C, July 2019

Couldn't recommend Lisa and her team highly enough!

E, July 2019

I love the Pilates classes...... I already feel stronger!

M, July 2019


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